By Anna Berlinger
September 30, 2022


holds onto you like strong arms, encircling and beautiful eyes that look past the feelings of inadequacy self-loathing and anxiety His gaze...Read more

A Winning Strategy for Pro-Life Warriors

By John Wikoff
August 14, 2022

As one of the leaders of a Militia of the Immaculata Village in Peoria, the “School of Mary at the Little Garden,” I led...Read more

Pray More, Worry Less

April 24, 2022

By Lyndsay Brooks

I am a major worrywart. In childhood, this looked like fretting about grades or sports. However, adulthood has...Read more

For Freedom He Set Us Free

By Blake Brooks
April 12, 2022

“For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm, therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” - Galatians 5:1...Read more

It’s Lent! Time For A Little Spiritual Housekeeping! “Victory Over Vice”

By Rose Marie Rudolph
February 28, 2022

Anger, envy, lust, pride, gluttony, sloth, and covetousness are the seven deadly sins! They are sins that kill the life of sanctifying grace within...Read more

There's No Such Thing as a Child Prostitute

By Emma Bucher
February 21, 2022

One of the first things to bear in mind when learning about the perverse world of human trafficking and child sex slavery is that...Read more

To Everything There is a Season

By John Wikoff
February 13, 2022

For years I hung a decoration in my bathroom that contained the first part of the verse from Ecclesiastes 3:1: “To everything there is...Read more

Vulnerable Enough To Love

By Anna Berlinger
January 30, 2022

All spiritual, emotional, and even physical healing has its beginnings in this one word: vulnerability . That sounds like an oversimplification, but hear me...Read more

Are You REALLY Pro-LIfe?

By Diane Meads
January 24, 2022

From 2016 to 2020, I taught Theology and served as Campus Minister at our local Catholic high school. Each year, one of our epic...Read more

Imperfection and Family Life

By Blake Brooks
January 9, 2022

As Catholic Christians we often hear God is calling us to do extraordinary things, to a life of magnanimity ( greatness of soul )....Read more