Stephen Tony

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Stephen is a passionate athlete and Catholic Speaker based in Denver, CO. A native of Peoria, IL, he is currently pursuing an MBA as part of the St. John Institute. He frequently speaks to audiences of all ages across the country. Stephen's talks are drawn from his experience mentoring DI athletes, working at a Fortune 100 company, and leading retreats for many years. You can view his website at

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Nothing Less Than Your Best

By Stephen Tony
February 7, 2021

I grew up attending Catholic schools. My parents were Catholic and the faith was a part of my life as long as I can...Read more

Citizen of Heaven

By Stephen Tony
December 13, 2020

On Good Friday, Pilate became frustrated with Jesus “Do you not speak to me? Do you not know I have the power to release...Read more


By Stephen Tony
August 16, 2020

During a low-point in my life I moved in with a religious order for an extended retreat. One reason for the move was to...Read more

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