Stephen Tony

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Stephen is a passionate athlete and Catholic Speaker based in Denver, CO. A native of Peoria, IL, he is currently pursuing an MBA as part of the St. John Institute. He frequently speaks to audiences of all ages across the country. Stephen's talks are drawn from his experience mentoring DI athletes, working at a Fortune 100 company, and leading retreats for many years. You can view his website at

Latest Posts

The Masterpiece of Your Life

By Stephen Tony
July 26, 2021

Life hits us with setbacks. Oftentimes we encounter moments of discouragement and frustration. In those moments when we’re down, when we’re out. We need...Read more

God Allows Us To Be Tempted To Strengthen Us

By Stephen Tony
May 30, 2021

“It’s too much! I have to back off.” Two miles into my first tempo run this spring, I thought there was no way I...Read more

The Cross of Setbacks

By Stephen Tony
April 4, 2021

For someone who has a dream, who has a desire burning within their heart, failure can be a difficult experience to encounter. I can...Read more

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