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Rose Marie is the mother of six sons, grandmother of eleven grandchildren and has five daughters-in-law. She and her husband, Steve, have been married for thirty-eight years and reside in the Peoria area. Rose Marie holds a degree in Education and has been involved in a wide range of ministries. She is the founder of the First Ten Wives Club and Behold Catholic Womens’ Ministries. She spent several years singing in church choirs and founded a recording company producing music and video projects for EWTN.
Rose Marie and Steve are recipients of the Pere Marquette Award from the Catholic Diocese of Peoria for their work in marriage and family ministries. Rose Marie has enjoyed innumerable hours in the classroom teaching, speaking, mentoring and tutoring at various school levels. Some of her favorite topics are happiness, motherhood, family, marriage, loving the Mass, taking children to Mass, virtues, and the Sacraments. She enjoys teaching and babysitting for her grandchildren while producing and performing shows for nursing homes and hospice care facilities with the Silver Belles Group when she is not attending her youngest son’s collegiate baseball games.

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