Brian Hennessey

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Brian is a husband and father who lives in central Illinois. He currently works for a Catholic healthcare system and previously worked in public accounting. The youngest of five kids, Brian was raised Catholic. His faith in his teens and early twenties existed, but was not one of his top priorities. During a Christmas break in college, he met Courtney, and they began dating soon after. After a close friend’s brother died suddenly in an accident, and after learning he had gone to Confession the night of his death, Brian began more seriously pondering his own life and where he might end up for eternity. 
About a year later, after several years away from the sacrament, and after a night of listening to Mumford and Sons reminding him he was made to meet his Maker, he stopped putting it off and headed to Confession with a commitment to put God first from then on. He and Courtney became engaged within the year, and are now married and parents to young children. They are members of an awesome parish that has an equally awesome school their kids have begun attending. He enjoys listening to Catholic radio and rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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