Blake And Lyndsay SquareBlake and Lyndsay Brooks

Blake and Lyndsay married in 2018. They have been involved in various faith groups and have a passion for evangelization. Blake works for the US Postal Service and Lyndsay is an elementary school teacher. They are interested in relationships, temperaments, and everything related to marriage & family.

Blake and Lyndsay experienced infertility early in their marriage and want to create an encouraging space for those who deal with this issue or any type of suffering. They now have a beautiful daughter who keeps them grateful and busy. In their free time, they enjoy being outside, spending time with family, and hanging out with their cat, Charlie.

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Stephen Tony Sq ZoomStephen Tony

Stephen is a passionate athlete and Catholic Speaker based in Denver, CO. 

A native of Peoria, IL, he is currently pursuing an MBA as part of the St. John Institute. He frequently speaks to audiences of all ages across the country.

Stephen's talks are drawn from his experience mentoring DI athletes, working at a Fortune 100 company, and leading retreats for many years.

You can view his website at


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Anna Berlinger

Anna is very proud of her German and Irish heritage. She was homeschooled throughout her childhood, and raised bilingual (English and German). She has a BA in English and History with a Masters in English literature from Bradley University. She currently teaches high-school Latin at Chesterton Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Anna has published both fiction work and short stories. In her spare time she enjoys training horses, reading, and honing her home-making skills. Anna’s pride and joy is her website and social-media-run business, Celtic Through this she promotes traditional Catholic values and the importance of creating in a consumer society.



Rose Marie Rudolph  

Rose Marie is the mother of six sons, grandmother of eleven grandchildren and has five daughters-in-law.  She and her husband, Steve, have been married for thirty-eight years and reside in the Peoria area. Rose Marie holds a degree in Education and has been involved in a wide range of ministries. She is the founder of the First Ten Wives Club and Behold Catholic Womens’ Ministries. She spent several years singing in church choirs and founded a recording company producing music and video projects for EWTN.

Rose Marie and Steve are recipients of the Pere Marquette Award from the Catholic Diocese of Peoria for their work in marriage and family ministries. Rose Marie has enjoyed innumerable hours in the classroom teaching, speaking, mentoring and tutoring at various school levels. Some of her favorite topics are happiness, motherhood, family, marriage, loving the Mass, taking children to Mass, virtues, and the Sacraments. She enjoys teaching and babysitting for her grandchildren while producing and performing shows for nursing homes and hospice care facilities with the Silver Belles Group when she is not attending her youngest son’s collegiate baseball games.



2020 05 13 1433Brian Hennessey

Brian is a husband and father who lives in central Illinois. He currently works for a Catholic healthcare system and previously worked in public accounting. The youngest of five kids, Brian was raised Catholic. His faith in his teens and early twenties existed, but was not one of his top priorities. During a Christmas break in college, he met Courtney, and they began dating soon after. After a close friend’s brother died suddenly in an accident, and after learning he had gone to Confession the night of his death, Brian began more seriously pondering his own life and where he might end up for eternity. 

About a year later, after several years away from the sacrament, and after a night of listening to Mumford and Sons reminding him he was made to meet his Maker, he stopped putting it off and headed to Confession with a commitment to put God first from then on. He and Courtney became engaged within the year, and are now married and parents to young children. They are members of an awesome parish that has an equally awesome school their kids have begun attending. He enjoys listening to Catholic radio and rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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Emma Bucher, Psy.D.

Emma received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University where she studied about the intersections of gender, sexuality, and faith identities as the Research Assistant of Dr. Mark Yarhouse.  Emma currently owns a small private practice, Genesis Counseling LLC, and hopes to someday operate a sexual and gender identity clinic for those navigating conflict between sexual/gender minority experiences with their Christian moral framework. 

Emma also received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, and makes pro-life art and signage found on social media as “Signs for Life.”  She is on the board of a non-profit organization, Grounds of Grace, which offers housing, trauma care, and other resources to those impacted by human trafficking in central Illinois.  

Emma was raised in the Apostolic Christian Church, an Anabaptist, fundamentalist offshoot, and was taught to view Catholicism with deep wariness and even repulsion. Slowly (and begrudgingly!) she fell irrevocably in love with Catholic teaching during her graduate training and was eventually confirmed on July 23rd, 2017.  

Emma lives in her hometown with her husband, two children, and two boxer dogs.  She enjoys attending daily mass as often as she can and is excited to use Soul Desire to reflect on her main areas of interest: psychology, gender, sexuality, human trafficking, art, and the unfathomable beauty of the Catholic faith.

Screenshot 2020 11 01 172023Luke Cottingham

Luke received a Bachelor of Arts in English at Illinois State University in 2015 where he met his wife Hannah at the JP II Newman Center. It was there that they both found their Catholic Faith and became authentic disciples of Christ. Encountering Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and Reconciliation has turned Luke's heart on fire to share and spread the faith with others. He is a father of two beautiful children and currently teaches at St. Jude Catholic School.

Luke enjoys reading a mixture of classical and children's literature, and also has a passion for music. He loves studying apologetics, history, and anything related to sports. The W flag most definitely flies in the Cottingham household! Luke is excited to be part of this apostolate as the host of the Soul Desire Podcast.

Diane MeadsScreen Shot 2020 10 31 At 10.11.10 Pm

Diane lives a ridiculously blessed life as a wife and stay-at-home mom in Peoria, IL. She received her Bachelor’s in English and French Secondary Education from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Post-college, she served as a missionary with the nonprofit organization FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) in the beautiful but very cold northern US at the University of North Dakota and Minnesota State University-Mankato. 

After FOCUS, realizing that she still loved to teach, but above all about Christ and the Church, Diane earned a Master’s in Theology from Ave Maria University and then worked at Peoria Notre Dame High School as a Theology teacher and campus minister. 

Diane would sum up her spirituality as a combination of St. Therese of Lisieux’s “Little Way” and St. Thomas Aquinas’ use of the intellect to encounter God. She is completely convinced that “[seeking] first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Mt 6:33) truly does give us the “abundant life” (cf. Jn 10:10) for which we are so desperately longing, and she looks forward to probing this promise of the Lord even more deeply in this blog space.

Diane now stays at home with her sweet son while teaching religious education classes at her parish and training to become a Creighton-Model Natural Family Planning practitioner. She loves reading, cooking, hiking, traveling, and the amazing feeling of a clean house.