Soul Desire is an apostolate whose mission is to help people integrate their faith into every area of life. 

We offer inspirational content, resources, and events to engage people wherever they are in their journey of faith. Our desire is for every person to come to know God and His plan of goodness for their life.

The name of this apostolate symbolizes the search to find God and the corresponding outreach to others once He is found. If faith is not shared, it cannot grow. Therefore, we want to assist the lay faithful in becoming the heroic witnesses they are called to be.

We are passionate about investing in people from our local area, Central Illinois, and its surrounding communities. Our main audience is other Catholics, but we are friends with all Christians and people of goodwill. We are not formally affiliated with a particular diocese or parish.

In order to help people understand how faith can influence their regular life, we have organized much of our content into Five Dimensions. These dimensions are interrelated and meant to comprise all aspects of life.

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